Abstract| Volume 16, ISSUE 1, P119, January 2023

Studying the physiology of mind with intracranial electrical stimulation

      Direct electrical stimulation of the brain has been used as an investigative tool in the study of human mind physiology, and as a therapeutic mean to modulate higher cognitive and affective functions. Unique insights into human experience in states of mind including volition, spontaneous recollection, laughter, and guilt are obtained by electrical stimulation during awake neurosurgical procedures. Systematic modulation of memory during wake and sleep cycles is enabled by closed-loop brain stimulation based on hippocampal-neocortical physiology. The chief strength of brain stimulation lies in the combination of causal inference and self-report of human experience, albeit the lack of anatomic, physiological and functional specificity remains a major challenge.
      Research Category and Technology and Methods
      Basic Research: 1. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)