Abstract| Volume 16, ISSUE 1, P119, January 2023

Robotic-guided multi-locus TMS for automated, fast, and accurate brain network stimulation

      Symposium title: The ConnectToBrain Project: On the way to multi-locus closed-loop brain stimulation
      Symposium description: The ConnectToBrain Project is funded by the European Research Council Synergy program. The three project partners (Aalto University Finland, Chieti-Pescara University Italy, Tübingen University Germany) contribute complementary expertise to develop a radically novel approach to stimulate the human brain with TMS. They will develop a helmet-like multi-channel coil (Aalto) to enable multi-site stimulation of distributed brain networks, utilize EEG real-time information on brain network excitability and connectivity (Chieti-Pescara) to read brain states, and use this information for brain-state-dependent and closed-loop stimulation (Tübingen) to highly effectively modify brain networks, eventually for treating network disorders of the human brain. This symposium will provide insights into the most recent advancements three years into the ConnectToBrain Project.
      Our recently developed 5-coil multi-locus TMS (mTMS) device enabled, for the first time, the operator to electronically control the stimulus location and orientation without manually moving the transducer. However, the increase in the number of coils makes the transducer heavy and inconvenient for manual operation, limiting its applicability in clinical settings. Thus, we developed and validated a robotic-guided control of mTMS transducers. Our system automatically and safely positions the multi-coil transducers and accurately stimulates user-specified cortical targets based on closed-loop automated algorithms, compensating for the subject’s head movement. The presentation will provide performance data and applications of this novel technology.
      Research Category and Technology and Methods
      Translational Research: 7. Responsive (Closed-Loop) Stimulation
      Keywords: TMS, Multi-locus TMS, Multi-channel coil, Robotic-guided TMS